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Adventure game Dreamfall Chapters's Kickstarter campaign is still going strong. Earlier today, crowd-funding for the Longest Journey and Dreamfall sequel passed the $1 million mark.

"Thanks, everyone! We are SO happy and grateful for your continued support. Onwards & upwards!" said Red Thread on Kickstarter.

Chapters continues the storyline of the previous two games in the series. Players will travel to the magical fantasy realm of Arcadia as well as the cyberpunk realm of Stark. The game also introduces a new world called Storytime. Players must explore each world and solve a series of puzzles.

The project hit its Kickstarter goal of $850,000 last weekend. The focus is now on stretch goals. The extra $150,000 enables Red Thread to make Mac and Linux versions, and add an in-game library with loads of lore. The $1 million stretch goal includes more characters and locations for the game. For example, Journey Abnaxus will now be included in the game.

Red Thread also provided an update on the game's development today. They released a video of in-game footage from Europolis, a futuristic city-state in Stark.