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The headline couldn’t describe this MMO game any better: it’s like Final Fantasy themes and universe set within a side-scrolling adventure like Super Mario. And you actually get to play with other people. That’s kind of cool, eh?

According to the press release…
“The game storyline centers on the Courage Source. Dreamland was a peaceful place once, but this fairy tale world was turned upside-down when the Evil Fog brought about a deadly plague. Desperate to save themselves, the people of Dreamland were rewarded for their faith by the appearance of a huge branch of the life tree, known as the Courage Source. The branch pierced the cloud of death and gave the people a special gift: Hero Faith that can endow the brave with power. The people summoned heroes to take up arms and use the power of Hero Faith to defend their homeland from monstrous threats.”

Dreamland has a heavy focus on platform gameplay using a pets system: they can help complete quests, leveling up characters and compete in PVP. The game, like most other MMOs, features character customization, clothing and apparel acquirement.

Honestly, this game looks really fun. It’s currently in the final phase of alpha testing so closed beta should start soon. The mix of platform gameplay, RPG leveling and player-vs-player environments makes for an interesting concept. It’s a bit like La Tale or Maple Story but with a stronger focus on platforming and hardcore level-grinding.

A few new screenshots were made available, which can be viewed below. More information can be found at the Official Website. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.