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The Man and the Machine is one of the playable characters in Dungeon Defenders 2. This ex-general rides a giant combat mech into battle and uses its vast arsenal to eliminate opposition.

His main attack is a rocket fired at a solitary enemy. He can also lob an incendiary grenade that burns him several enemies at once. His Frenzied Bombardment ability allows him to blank an area with laser blasts, hitting anyone in that area.

True to his military roots, Man and the Machine's abilities give him great influence over the battlefield. Frenzied Bombardment slows enemies in addition to damaging them. His Commanding Shout boosts the movement and attack speed of an ally. Smokescreen, meanwhile, will severely limits an enemy's vision.

Dungeon Defenders 2, like its predecessor, has players fight off waves of A.I. enemies by using their abilities or constructing defensive structures. Additionally, it introduces a competitive mode in which two teams try to destroy each other's base. It's going free-to-play, with optional characters, boosters and cosmetic items available for real-world money.

Trendy launched the closed beta for DD2 earlier this year. You can sign up for consideration here.

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