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Dungeon Defenders Celebrates Halloween With Free DLC

Trendy Entertainment is celebrating Halloween with two downloadable content packs for their action RPG/tower defense game Dungeon Defenders. Both the Halloween DLC packs can be downloaded for free through Steam.

The Halloween Mission Pack adds one mission based on the holiday. It also includes eight exclusive weapons. For your efforts, you can unlock four character skins: Ninja, Vampire, Death Knight, and Angel.

The Halloween Costume Pack, meanwhile, gives you one costume for each of the game's four playable classes:

  • Devil – Monk
  • Mummy – Apprentice
  • Pirate – Squire
  • Witch – Huntress

In Defenders, up to four players team up to fight waves of enemies. Players can make their characters stronger by leveling up, acquiring loot, and forging equipment. They can also acquire helpful, customizable pets.

The DLC can be downloaded now through Steam. There's no mention of whether the Xbox 360 or PS3 version will receive this content. Halloween is Monday, though, so if the DLC will appear on consoles it'll probably arrive then.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.