Do you have mad-dungeon defending skills? Have you taken those skills to the next level and opted to start making your very own dungeons to defend? Well, Trendy Entertainment wants to reward creative map makers by buying their map for $1,000 in a brand new Dungeon Defenders map making contest.

As stated in the official contest release...
Trendy Entertainment is proud to announce the first ever Dungeon Defenders mapping contest! Savvy creators are in for a treat, as the winning map will be bought from the designer for $1,000 dollars, and the map will be introduced as an official Dungeon Defenders map with the creator(s) credited for their work. Not only that, but runners-up will get some crazy awesome loot and cash prizes too.

Any and everyone can make maps in Dungeon Defenders using the development kit mod tools from the DLC store page. Just install it, run it and start working on some crazy-awesome maps.

Maps will be judged based on Balance, Originality, Detailing, and Optimization. So making a super pretty map that doesn't work worth two cents of donkey spit (and that's a lot of donkey spit, by the way) won't earn you any props. The maps have to look pretty and work well, know, unlike the very first Unreal game on PC where the multiplayer was broken out of the box. Yeah, you don't want your maps ending up like that.

Anyways, you can check out the full details, the contest rules and the submission deadlines over at the Official Contest Forum Page.

Dungeon Defenders is currently available right now and has been one of the fastest selling indie games to release recently, selling more than a million copies across PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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