Trendy Entertainment has decided to go the open-development route with their recently released digital download tower-defense RPG, Dungeon Defenders. It was announced that the game now sports a user-friendly modkit tool-set as well as a pre-alpha 16-player CTF mode.

The modkit tool is available for free over at the Steampowered Store, enabling gamers to quickly grab the tools which contains all the source code and art assets for Dungeon Defenders. What’s more is that gamers will now be able to add in their own items, clothes, bad guys, levels and tons more. It’s awesome that Trendy went this route with Dungeon Defenders and I’m curious to see what comes out of it.

In addition to the modkit tools, there’s also a pre-alpha 16-player capture the flag mode that’s currently going through testing. Gamers interested in trying out the new mode and testing the competitive 16-player CTF feature simply need to apply for an alpha pass over on the Official Forums.

Just to give you an example making new content for the game, the first-person mod can be viewed in the new demo video below. Gamers interested in playing Dungeon Defenders or learning more about the game can pay a visit to the Official Website.

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