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Trendy Entertainment has been doing a mighty fine job of keeping Dungeon Defenders a replayable masterpiece. It's one of those rare games that has a strong sense of nostalgia about it, despite the somewhat questionable amounts of DLC. Nevertheless, Trendy's 7.40 update for Dungeon Defenders makes a number of fixes as well as adds a free DLC character class called the Jester.

Trendy has been keeping with the trend of unleashing the character DLC for a limited time only for free to Steam users. If I were you I would try to grab the new Jester character ASAP before it gets a price tag. Alongside the Jester is a brand new stage that includes a truly crazy design called “The King's Game”. Like all updates for Dungeon Defenders, new loot and weapons have been added to the game. The Jester also has two different outfits suited for your various tastes in gender aesthetics.

The update also includes a fix for the “ninja” Djinn and drop-ship copters. The copters can be a real pain considering that you can't always tell when they arrive on the battlefield and they ninja-drop some ogres on you and then start sniping you with rockets and it just turns into all kinds of ugly.

Trendy also made some minor alterations to the modkit removing it from the DLC section and putting it in the Steam tools section, and all the Dungeon Defender assets have been added to the devkit so you can use anything in the game to make your very own mods.

If you're into loot-grinding then Dungeon Defenders definitely has you covered because the loot in the game, no matter what class you choose to play, is off the chain. The designers took a ton of inspiration (and liberties) with adding tons of weapons and gear from other popular, such as lightsabers from Star Wars, chainsaw-blades from Warhammer 40K (appropriately called Ogre rippers), assault rifles, portal devices from Portal and a wide range of other cool equipment and weapons for micromanagement enthusiasts.

The update and free DLC is currently available for Dungeon Defenders right now. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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