Two new walkthrough videos have surfaced for Arma III thanks to a walkthrough from creative director at Bohemia Interactive Jaw Crowe. The video covers infantry combat, underwater submersible combat, aerial combat and most importantly, support for DayZ.

Let's get one thing clear, Arma III is a long ways off from being complete. A new public alpha will surface sometime later this year between August and September but only core Arma fans are going to want to check it out and help give feedback and support to help refine the core engine and mechanics.

The first of the two videos from GameTrailers covers the new underwater combat mechanics, the submarine as well as the brand new weapons specifically designed to be used underwater. And no, you cannot bring high-end infantry weapons underwater and expect them to work.

Pretty neat, eh? Now, like most of you gamers who are only interested in Arma because of DayZ, the next video walkthrough contains some juicy segments about the mod.

I'm going to be completely honest, I can't play Arma worth two cents of Jay Z's spit, and that's not much since apparently his spit is worth quite a bit. Anyways, the realism in Arma is something I find tedious in a military shooter, despite the fact that the game(s) look amazing. I suck at it and I'm not afraid to say that I do. However, when transmuting that same kind of tedious methodology of military survival into a horror-survival genre, such as the DayZ mod, the entire thing changes and it becomes incalculably addictive and engaging. I guess it's because we don't get any other games quite like DayZ on a persistent scale.

Anyways, the popularity of the mod has created a snowball effect of sales for the Arma series on Steam, with the game topping the charts for the entire month of May.

Crowe acknowledges that DayZ is bringing Arma out of its military niche market and making the series somewhat mainstream, so the team is actually working hard to make sure that Arma III's network infrastructure and design atmosphere will still support the scalable implementation for mods such as DayZ. And trust me, once that mod becomes available for Arma III I'll have a copy in queue on Steam.

You can learn more about Arma III by paying a visit to the game's Official Website or look for the community alpha to go live later this summer.

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