Subscribe To E3 2013: New DayZ Gameplay Footage Preps Gamers For The Alpha Updates

Reddit sent a couple of dedicated redboys to E3 this year to cover the event on the ground level and with microphone and camera in tow, the Reddit Vidya Gaems Jurnol1st managed to get a one-on-one interview with Dean “Rocket” Hall as well as showcase some brand new gameplay footage of DayZ.

I'm sure there are some Reddit DayZ fanboys seizuring on the floor from all the epicness, but for all the other normal gamers out there we just took in the glimpses of new inventory system, the ability to basically go into just about every building and a brief scope at how zombies will know be able to knock you over and pin you to the ground.

Hall basically reiterates a lot of what we already knew about the game, but basically just clarifies that the biggest change is going from a client-side game to a server-client infrastructure. Due to being an MMO setup it means that playing offline client-side is no longer possible, but we'll see how that works out in the long run. The reason for the big change was due to all the rampant hacking taking place and the best way to curb hacking is to ensure certain functions are server-side.

Unlike Simcity, however, DayZ's biggest appeal was in its social interactions and multiplayer while SimCity was being promoted as an MMO (even though it really wasn't) DayZ is more like a perma-death version of Fallen Earth with a much heavier focus on survival and scavenging...if you can imagine such a thing.

Hall has apparently been finishing up the latest build of the closed alpha and the game – if the scheduling is still intact – will be heading into a public pre-alpha state soon enough. For more info, be sure to visit the official website.

Thanks to the Reddit fanboys for bringing gamers this little tidbit of media news.

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