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E3 2015: Goliath Injects Survival Adventure With Mechs And A Story

Plucked from your spot in time and space, folks who dive into Goliath will discover themselves trapped in an unfamiliar land and in possession of a mysterious gauntlet that grants them special powers. One such power is the ability to craft lots and lots of massive golems from scratch, which you’ll utilize to help determine the fate of this mysterious world and its inhabitants.

During E3 2015, I had the opportunity to sit down with Whalebox Studio Producer Artem Bochkarev, Assiciate Producer Nadezda Zhuk and Encore Software’s Jeremy Zoss to take a gander at this new action adventure game being built for PC, Linux and Mac.

In Goliath, you’re only as good as you ingenuity. Bumble aimlessly around the map for too long and you’ll likely be pounded into the dirt by a massive monster. Gather enough supplies and get inventive, however, and you’ll be able to craft one of those titular Goliaths, capable of going toe to toe with the biggest baddies this enigmatic world has to offer.

Similar to survival game Don’t Starve, players will explore large, randomly generated worlds on the lookout for supplies. You’ll need these to keep your health and stats up, sure, but their even more important function is granting the player the ability to build new tools and even more powerful Goliaths.

Unlike similarly themed games, however, Goliath doesn’t live and die on, well, whether or not your character lives or dies. It actually boasts a full-on story, complete with missions, sidequests and multiple endings. The team explained that you’ll have multiple characters to choose from when you boot up a game, showing off a 1930’s airplane mechanic in my eyes-on time last week.

Each time you enter the world of Goliath, you’ll be dropped into a randomly generated map themed after several environments, such as snow-covered mountains, forests, swamps, etc. Why are you here? Why do you keep coming across everything from alien crafts to pirate ships? These are the types of mysteries you’ll explore while chopping down trees, hammering on rocks and, yes, battling enemies in your hand-crafted Goliath.

The world is also home to multiple factions, be they anthropomorphic animals or other creatures I’m not entirely sure how to describe. At one point in the story, you’ll have to pick one of these factions to join, focusing on missions that will push their civilization in one direction or the other. As Bochkarev put it, “will you help them into chaos or fight for peace?”

But your adventures won’t be limited to that starting map, actually. The team explained that multiple maps are created when you begin the game, and you can freely travel between them using portals. If your current location is low on enemies or lacking a certain type of supply you need to collect for a quest, for instance, all you need to do is teleport to a land more suited to your needs.

The type of Goliath you take along from the journey will be important to consider, too. For starters, these hulking mechs can be made from several base materials, including wood, stone, metal, crystal, etc. Within those sets of parts are even more subsets, with players able to craft unique arms, legs, heads and torsos for their Goliaths. You can have several of your best creations ready to go at the push of a button, so don’t worry about ending up in an area where your brute isn’t well-suited.

What I mean by that is that the base components of the Goliath might actually affect your gameplay. The wood Goliath, for instance, might look like a tasty tree to a massive herbivore. While these creatures would ignore your stone Goliath, they may try to snack on one made of Wood. Even the time of day within the game, as well as the climate, may have an impact on your Goliath, too. Take a metal golem into the frozen mountains, for instance, and they’ll probably earn an extra layer of ice armor.

I’m all for survival games, but simply trying to stay alive for as long as possible isn’t super intriguing to me. Goliath looks to take familiar elements from other games in the genre and cleverly mixes them with a narrative and actual combat. In case you prefer to work with friends, the team promises that four-player cooperative adventures will also be a big part of Goliath, or you can just take your favorite jaeger into the arena for competitive online brawls.

But you’re not totally helpless as a human, either. Along with being able to gather resources and frequently go unnoticed by larger beasts, the human form is good for goading creatures into fighting their natural enemies on the world map, too. Planning on taking down a big baddie? Pepper the area with all sorts of traps, then jump into your Goliath and use them to your advantage in the midst of a fight.

The game looks promising, and it doesn’t sound like we’ll have to wait much longer to take Goliath for a spin. It’s currently slated for an “early 2016” launch on Steam, with a planned price point of $14.99.

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