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EA Brings C&C, Lord Of Ultima To Ubuntu

We recently reported that EA had plans to announce some big news at a Ubuntu summit this week. Well, the news turns out to be pretty good for Linux gamers, as two free-to-play titles from Electronic Arts' Play-4-Free line will be available to Ubuntu users.

According to Web Pro News, Electronic Arts laid out the news at the summit, detailing how Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances and Lord of Ultima will be making appearances on the Ubuntu Software Center.

Lord of Ultima is a continuation of the Ultima series, only it's for casual gamers and focuses purely on the strategy aspects of maintaining serfs, diplomacy and battling big bad bosses throughout the game's world. Additional items can be purchased from the cash shop to help increase your reign of terror (or peace) as you travel about conquering overlords and leaving your mark on the virtual game world.

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is another casual online title that can be played via browsers, enabling gamers to rack up resources, command armies and eventually conquer territories. It's like a less diplomatic version of Lord of Ultima that's set in the future and focuses more on killing things and trying not to be killed as opposed to dealing with that civil managerial stuff in Ultima.

Both games will bring with them a bevy helping of cash shop items, but will initially be free-to-play for Ubuntu users. You can check out more on the browser games right now or learn more by visiting the Official Ubuntu Website.

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