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In hopes of correcting recent missteps with the Command and Conquer series, EA is turning to players for advice. They've opened a new section of their forums devoted to fan ideas for the series.

"Many of our community members have great ideas on how to improve future Command & Conquer games. This place is build to discuss your ideas with people, who also want to make C&C even better," says a sticky on the forums from an EA community manager. "Start to share your ideas and develop them to something great, based on the community feedback."

To ensure that the idea-hurling process goes as smoothly as possible, EA provided a template for player suggestion posts. They also plan to strictly moderate the forum. Every thread has to be approved by the moderators to be visible.

Command and Conquer 4, the most recent game in the series, abandoned the tradition of large-scale battles with static bases. Instead, players controlled a small force led by a mobile base called a Crawler. The experiment was not well-received, with the game ultimately receiving a 64 Metacritic rating.

Earlier this year, EA announced it had formed a new unit called Victory Games devoted solely to C&C. They have yet to announce their first project, which is presumably Command and Conquer 5. Whatever they're working on, it's probably early enough along in development that your ideas could have some big impact.