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CCP Games announced this weekend that they're releasing another expansion pack for their starship-based MMO EVE Online by the end of the year. Retribution, the game's 18th expansion pack, will be available for free in December.

With Retribution, CCP wants to make players' actions have clear consequences. Crimewatch is being revamped so that there are fewer loopholes for law-breaking players. Furthermore, the new bounty system allows players to place bounties on any player, corporation or alliance for any reason. Subsequently bounty-hunting should be a more desirable and profitable profession. All in all, the expansion will make it harder for you to be a dick.

CCP is planning a flood of other changes as well. Expect UI updates, revamped ship visuals, enhanced A.I. and more. Additionally, each faction will receive a new destroyer.

Retribution will launch on December 4th. If you want to jump into EVE before this new expansion goes live, note that Amazon is offering the game plus 30 days' of free play time for $5 for a limited time.