EVGA has announced that the most powerful gaming card out there is now available for to the gaming masses. The card is powerful enough to run the entire Samaritan Unreal Engine 3 demo in real-time, and is already optimized for unreleased Unreal Engine 4 software.

The 690 was part of the super secret Nvidia's Keplar line of video cards, which is their latest in super high-end video hardware. The GTX 680 was the one that was originally used in the closed-doors Unreal Engine 4 tech demo, as well as the card used to run Samaritan in real-time, on a single unit.

EVGA is known for their top of the line gaming peripherals, but the GTX 690 goes over and beyond to deliver gamers one of the most powerful single pieces of hardware in gaming history. The 690 clocks in with 3072 CUDA cores, a base 915mhz GPU, 1019mhz memory clock speeds, a massive 4GB of dedicated video memory with 512bit GDDR5 and an unparalleled 384.52 GB per second memory bandwidth. In simple terms, if this were a car and you were driving it without a shirt on, it would make your chest hairless.

Of course, you'll need a beefy, bare minimum 650 Watt power supply to even house the card in your PC, and unfortunately you cannot stack the cards for SLI support (for now) because EVGA is limiting orders to one unit per household. Lame. No, that's actually super-lame.

Anyways, if you really, really want to have next-gen hardware in your PC, beyond what the GTX 680 can provide (and it can provide a heck of lot of graphics processing power) then you can pick up the EVGA GTX 690 for the very cheap price of $999.99. Oh boy.

You can learn more about the card and its capabilities by paying a visit to the Official EVGA Website.

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