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Okay so there's a lot talk about new PC parts and lots of people hitting up discussion threads to talk about upgrades and stuff. Now it's interesting that when we talk about PC hardware and stuff like that we often times don't talk about the heart that pumps power through that PC: the power supply.

EVGA has recently announced that they are unleashing the Supernova 1300 G2 Gold power supply for the PC Master Race and if you want to stay at the top of the elite of the elite, or if you're planning on upgrading your PC with some mean-arse GPUs and need a strong-willed heart made of Gold, the Supernova 1300 says 'Hi'.

As noted in the news alert from EVGA...
The EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 power supply is here. This power supply raises the bar with an 80 Plus Gold rating, with 1300W of continuous power, exceptional efficiency and a fully modular design.

I mean, think about that for a second, 1300 watts of continuous power. That is some unbelievably amped up wattage right there. Most high-end power supplies available on the market right now middle out at around 1k watts even. Even then you'll be paying quite a price for it. However, with 1300 watts at your disposal it means that you could get the most watt-zapping GPU, CPU, hard drive, digital media manager combo and it still wouldn't phase the Supernova. In some ways, this the power supply equivalent of Nvidia's Titan.

Speaking of Titans...this power supply would be feeding enough juice into your machine to enable you to have a quad SLI setup of Titan cards if your motherboard had the steel cajones to handle that much beast power.

In fact, if you had quad Titans with the Supernova G2 and an overclocked hexa-core Intel OC'd CPU, your rig would automatically go into the dictionary under the word Beast. If you had gaming consoles in the same room as your PC, they would automatically crawl into a corner and bow their heads to the PC Master just to show it reverence. Your PC would be so awesome game conventions would come to you. Heck, even Microsoft would call you up to use your PC to show off their Xbox One games.

If you like dropping games down with humble righteousness and making those framerates scream with 120 non-tearing frames per second while rocking some of the biggest, best and most demanding graphics the market has to offer, then you'll need a heart of gold and there's no better gold than the Supernova G2 at the moment.

Enough gloating, though. It's time to drop some truth on you all and that truth is that the numbers for this power supply will bring a tear to many eyes. Final retail price: $229.99.

Oh for shame. Your wallet will be screaming in pain for a while but your games will be screaming with joy. You can contemplate the decision by checking out the official EVGA G2 1300 page to learn more.

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