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Eador: Masters of the Broken World is set to release tomorrow morning, meaning there’s just a little bit of time left for strategy fans interested in diving into this new offering to pre-order game and get a free copy of its predecessor.

Masters of the Broken World was one of the first games to be funded by the Steam Greenlight program and is now headed to Gog in less than 24 hours. For those who head on over to the site and pre-order the game before 9 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning, however, you’ll get a free soundtrack, as well as other free goodies including a copy of the original Eador: Genesis.

Coming from snowbird Games, Masters of the Broken World is a beautifully detailed grand strategy game that packs a lot of depth into its various systems. That shouldn’t scare away noobs to the genre, however, as Snowbird promises that the game’s new aesthetics and expanded world will also be accompanied by an even difficulty curve that should make the game more welcoming to newcomers. But for those of you who loved the original game’s difficulty, don’t worry, because Masters of the Broken World sounds about as deep as the Grand Canyon.

“Eador is divided into shards, each of them a miniature world of its own, pushing players to solve local problems with global repercussions, all coming together in the overarching struggle for domination,” reads a statement from Snowbird. “the three interconnected planes of gameplay—astral, strategic and tactical—build exciting chain reactions of political alliances and economic conundrums.”

If you’ve got $19.99 lying around and are in the market for some strategy gameplay with enough meat on its bones to really sink your teeth into, then Eador: Master of the Broken World might be just what you’re looking for.