Edge Of Space Free Beta Weekend Announced

One of my most highly anticipated games is Edge of Space, an open-world, space-faring adventure game with a deep crafting system, terraforming and RPG mechanics. Reverb and Handyman Studios announced today that the beta for Edge of Space will be free this entire weekend, enabling gamers to check the game out at no extra charge.

As noted in the press release...

This weekend, starting on 7 pm EST, Friday, March 8 through 7 pm EST, Sunday, March 10, players can join in a free beta experience for the spacefaring adventure title Edge of Space. Edge of Space challenges players to build, create, mold, and fight to survive in the deepest, darkest, weirdest, and possibly most interesting part of the universe. With thousands of players already taking part in the on-going beta, now is the perfect time to explore the unknown thrills and dangers found in Edge of Space.

I love Edge of Space for its sort of Borderlands meets Terraria vibe. The game is just so freaking awesome. If you enjoy crafting armor, millions of weapon combinations and facing off against cannon-carrying bears, sharks with lasers and octo-cats, you'll love Edge of Space. This game has villains that are the envy of all other games.

If you feel like carving out a corner in your own section of the vast depths of space and battling universal oddities while making your character stronger through deliberate exploration into one of the most dangerous sections of the galaxy, then feel free to join in on the beta this weekend...while it's free!

You can learn more about Edge of Space by paying a visit to the game's Official Website, and please be sure to show a little love and support to the game over on Steam's Greenlight so we can see this awesome game finally appear on the Steam Store.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.