The team behind the open-world, terra-forming, planet morphing, space exploration action-crafting, emergent survival game, Edge of Space, has announced that the game has received some additional updates and content as it trucks through the beta phase and continues to look for support on Steam's Greenlight.

The game has a much stronger focus now on meta-supplies, meaning that building a base requires a power supply and a power supply requires cables and cables requires material, etc., etc. This gives the game a sort of Elder Scrolls vibe where everything can be made from everything else already in the game world.

Crafting has been improved to include more items, more decorations, more blueprints and options for building and expanding your game world. Additional armor has also been implemented into the game, creating a greater variance of distinction and identity for players.

Edge of Space was nominated as one of the best games of 2012 but I figured I would hold off on adding it to the list until it was a bit more polished. I would love, however, to see this game added to Steam and gain the traction and support it really deserves.

You can purchase the beta version for a budget price right now on Desura or upvote the game and favorite it on Steam's official Greenlight page.

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