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ZeniMax Online Studios, the developer of Elder Scrolls Online, has launched a new video series about their MMO. Each week, they'll pose a new question to the fan community.

Their first question is, "Who is your favorite villain in the Elder Scrolls series, and why?" You can respond via YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. ZeniMax will then share the best responses with the rest of the community.

They're not promising to include any of your favorite villains in ESO. It might not be possible, anyway, considering the fact that the game takes place hundreds of years before single-player RPG's in the series such as Morrowind and Skyrim. The primary objective of this video series, more likely, is to simply keep the gaming community talking about Elder Scrolls Online and ensure that everyone knows that the MMO and single-player games are linked.

ZeniMax has already confirmed that ESO will be featuring some villains from previous games. Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince, plans to invade Tamriel. Mannimarco, the Altmer necromancer from Oblivion and Daggerfall, will be a main antagonist as well.

ESO will launch on the PC and Mac sometime in 2013.