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The newest making-of featurette for Elder Scrolls Online introduces a fierce beast called the wasamu. The wamasu are giant reptiles that stalk the Black Marsh in search of prey. Might want to watch your back while you're fishing out there.

The Black Marsh was never seen in the single-player Elder Scrolls, so neither were wamasu. The development team, therefore, were free to design the beast however they wished. You can see some of the concept art they created at the ESO website. The end result is a massive, crocodile-like beast that crackles with electricity.

Players will also encounter "boss" versions of this monster. The boss wamasu are slightly larger, with sharper horns and a more reddish appearance. Additionally, they pack more of a punch than the more common varieties.

ESO, currently in beta, will launch later in the year.

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