A new game from Toastie Republic, a small studio out of Austin, Texas, is currently making the rounds on Kickstarter. The game actually only has seven days to go, as of the writing of this article, and is currently looking to finish the push toward its goal of $50,000. As it stands, Engauge is resting at the $40,000 mark.

The team is exceptionally close to their goal but they just need a bit of a bump and a push to get over the finish line.

The game combines a lot of the fast-paced action and challenge present in classic platforming titles like Mega Man X while adding in new-school melee and combat mechanics that we've come to expect from today's generation of games, such as the wrestling-themed platformer that took the gaming nation by storm, Guacamelee.

Players will travel through four distinct territories that range from a futuristic metropolis, the mines, a jungle area and a chasm. The game's art-style, backgrounds and character designs look pretty sweet and remind me a lot of a hand-painted version of Comcept's upcoming Mighty No. 9.

You can see how some of the game's concepts come into play with an overview video of the game's mechanics, which takes place within the confines of only a few minutes.

I like where the game is going and I love how compact and dense the level designs are; it really does feel like a classic side-scroller from the SNES era brought into today's generation of gaming.

In a burgeoning era where microtransactions and in-app purchases literally ruin some of our favorite franchises, it's nice to see these games from fresh young up-starts that are getting back to the basics that made video games such a popular and worthwhile hobby to begin with. All the misleading ads and gambling-esque tactics employed by certain companies that I can't wait to see go bankrupt can stay with those companies. Hopefully, the indie saviors of the gaming industry will continue to prevail, assuming they can get their crowd-sourced projects fully funded on Kickstarter.

With Engauge, I'm liking where the game is going so far and it seems to have the right mix of dynamic player control and challenging level designs (well, based on the videos anyway).

You can support Engauge right now as the time draws close for the game to wrap up its crowd-funding phase by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

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