Oh boy, if you've been pining hard for some simulated, grain grinding, crops cropping action, your wish has been granted: Farming Machines Championships 2014 has been released.

Gamers of an ilk who find themselves wanting to showcase their farming skills against fellow farm simulators have been given the short of the end stick in the interactive entertainment space, much like the professional cow milking simulators and the elephant dung-scooper simulators. That was the case, until PlayWay S.A., decided to hop onto the gravy tractor train and release Farming Machines Championships, featuring 11 “dynamic” events, 12 brand new farming machines and a wide range of various landscape types to compete across. You can even customize your farm equipment with hats and accessories, just like in real life!

Now, of course, an image and some brief description of a game doesn't do much to entice those with itchy fingers. I'm sure there are also gamers who dabbled in the previous iterations of Farming Machines who are wondering if this year's release is better than those prior? Well, you'll have to judge that by either playing the game or giving a looksy to the trailer below to make that decision.

Keep in mind that not everyone managed to make it through the following trailer without succumbing to a fine art known to mankind as sleep. It's a three-minute long trailer and it doesn't hold anything back... for better or for worse.

This is a fine compliment to other real-life simulator-based games, such as the highly lauded Woodcutter Simulator 2014, or Train Simulator 2014, featuring a Game of the Year worthy trailer with voiceover work from Sean Bean, in a rare instance where he doesn't actually die.

Gamers have also flooded to the forums and review threads for Farming Machines Simulator 2014, throwing out praises such as...
“This game is a scam, IMHO.”

“Pick up Farm Sim 2012 instead?”

As well as very detailed descriptions on expanding your library by offering an exegesis of textual work that would have made Ebert smile before heading to the grave, with Steam user thePoark writing...
Finally! It's here.

That's very true thePoark... it is here. And you can be where Farming Machines Championships 2014 is by heading to the Steam Store page to either pick up a digital copy for only $10.49 (as it's 30% right now) or you can head to the official website to learn more.

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