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The age of the CMO is upon us, and the Casual Multiplayer Online experience has branched out into a new game on Big Fish Games’ portal called, Faunasphere. Don’t let the “Casual” in CMO fool you, though. This game comes from the same mind that brought gamers Asheron’s Call.

Toby Ragaini, the original designer of Asheron’s Call, designed Faunasphere as a browser-based game for players to “adopt quirky creatures and collaborate to create and explore shared virtual worlds.”

The game features 12 basic species that can be uncovered, hatched and trained. The game has a unique visual look to it for it to be a browser-based game. The cartoon-effect and easy-on-the-eyes aesthetic should easily appeal to most gamers.

You can check out a few of the features below or visit the Official Website to start playing for free. For more gaming news, info, updates and insight, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

Faunasphere offers:
o Rich social networking elements and a vibrant community
o Non-violent game play and an immersive storyline
o Micro-transaction options and premium membership for players that want to enhance the game play experience