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Fields Of War Brings 200-Player Mech Battles To Windows, Mac And Linux

If there is one thing that mankind was born to do, it was pilot massive mechs while blowing each other to smithereens. Since technology has not yet caught up to that destiny, we have to rely on video games to get the job done. Now Fields of War has stomped onto the scene to fill that role, bringing with it a player count of 200.

Okay, so, maybe Fields of War isn’t the most creative title out there, but Giant Robots With Guns is probably too on the nose, don’t you think? What we have here is a budget mech game going for $14.99, giving players access to two massive landscapes and up to 200 players per map.

Fields of War is a massive multiplayer third-person shooter focused on large scale battles, territory control, skill and team play,” reads a breakdown on the game’s official website. “It offers fast-paced combat between up to 200 players at once on Windows, Mac and Linux through cross-platform play.”

So no matter which of those platforms you and your friends are playing on, you’ll always be able to team up and get to shredding the landscape. If you’ve played games like World of Tanks or Hawken, you’ve got an idea of what a game like Fields of War has to offer: Big, vehicle-based battles where strategy and teamwork are rewarded.

If the 200 player cap isn’t met in a room, the game will automatically fill out those extra slots with AI opponents, ensuring there’s always something to shoot at. Five classes are available from the start, including Artillery, Demolition, Engineer, Infiltrator and Tank, all with customizable paintjobs. The game also takes place in a persistent world with a dynamic night/day cycle.

If that sounds like $15 worth of fun, then you can grab a copy of Fields of War from either the official site or GamersGate. (opens in new tab)

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