Why would anyone want to watch an anime when they could be playing one instead? That's pretty much the driving muscle behind gamigo's anime-inspired massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, Fiesta Online. After several years' worth of work, gamingo has now released the “most comprehensive expansion” in the game's history, “Ascension to Adelia,” giving newcomers and seasoned vets alike six new zones to explore, nearly 100 new monsters to kill, more than 150 new quests and 300 new items. That's a lot of content.

Whether you're new to the series or a seasoned vet, the Ascension to Adelia expansion means one thing for the free-to-play MMO, Fiesta Online: A hearty helping of brand new content that should keep everyone busy for hours.

Fiesta Online is a fully-featured MMO that can be played from within your web browser or downloaded for an enhanced experience. Here's a snippet from the Ascension to Adelia press release explaining the story for this latest chunk of content.

“Ascension to Adelia carries the players off to the enchanting new regions in Fiesta Online, right in the middle of which the village of Adelia floats high above in the clouds. The heroes can only get to the wonderful settlement by an exciting ride on the back of a giant bird. Three new skills per character class bring some variety into the everyday adventure, which have a large influence on the style of fighting. In addition, there are three completely new armor sets for every class.”

Some big changes have also been made to Fiesta's quest system, including the introduction of new daily quests and an interface that color-coordinates your adventures, provides additional information and updates.

To give Fiesta Online a shot, head on over to the official website. Otherwise, here's a list of the biggest additions now added in the Ascension to Adelia expansion.

-Six new maps
-300 new items
-160 new quests
-More than 80 new monsters
-Two new instance bosses
-A new, hard to beat world boss
-Three new skills per character class
-The maximum level has been increased to 115
-Completely reworked quest interface
-Daily quest for all levels

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