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Final Fantasy 14's first two weeks on Mac have gone poorly. Square Enix has decided to stop selling the version until they can fix some important issues.

The first issue was that Square Enix didn't publish the right system requirements at launch. According to FF14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida, this problem stemmed from the development team's attempts to optimize the game right into launch.
Although our development and QA teams tested the client on Mac hardware, because of our last minute efforts to improve performance and the possibility that system requirements might change, we decided to prepare several versions of these requirements, with the one to be released depending on the final result. However, in the chaos leading up to the multi-platform launch of our expansion, we released incorrect requirements, which were not updated prior to the Mac version’s official release.

As a result, some Mac gamers purchased FF14 only to find that their system didn't meet the actual requirements.

Square Enix intended to perform maintenance on the game prior to launch. However, the Mac version was released earlier than expected "due to our miscommunication with retailers." The game that these early players downloaded was a pre-release build with multiple performance issues.

The company has suspended sales of the Mac version until they can provide more detailed technical information on the product. Yoshida didn't say when he expects FF14 to be available on Mac again.

If you purchased the Mac version through the Square Enix Online Store, you can get a refund by filling out this form. Square Enix says that they're working with other retailers to ensure that refunds will be available for other customers as well. If you're having trouble getting your money back from a store, though, you should fill out their consultation form.

Yoshida said that he took "full responsibility" for the Mac version's troubled launch. He also apologized to affected players:
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this will cause to those interested in purchasing the Mac version, and ask that you bear with us until sales recommence. For those who already have a Mac version of the game, as service itself will not be suspended, please rest assured you will be able to continue playing as before...

...We will continue to do our utmost to ensure that, no matter the version, FINAL FANTASY XIV is a game that deserves your time and support.

If you want to play FF14 on another platform, you've got a few options. The game's also available on PC, PS3, and PS4. All of those versions are at least a year old at this point so they're in much better shape than their Mac counterpart.

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