Square Enix is bringing another one of their classic games to mobile devices. Final Fantasy IV will be released for both Android and iOS in the coming months.

Final Fantasy IV (first released in North America as Final Fantasy II) centers on Cecil, a dark knight. He and his motley crew must stop a sorcerer named Golbez from gathering elemental crystals that will allow him to destroy the world. The journey will take them across the globe, into the underworld and even to the Moon.

FF4 was the first SNES entry in the series and stood out as a result of the improved visuals and audio. The plot is considered one of the best in the series, too. The game introduced the Active Time Battle system used for combat in many later games.

The screenshots suggest that the mobile FF4 is based on the remake released for the DS. The DS remake, released in 2007, introduced 3D graphics, voiceover and minigames. Perhaps we can expect a new improvement or two for the mobile port.

FF4 will hit iPhone and iPad on December 20th. The Android release is scheduled for Spring 2013.

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