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Fighting fans and Final Fantasy fanatics alike have a lot to be excited about this morning as Square Enix has announced a new entry in the Dissidia series, bringing beloved RPG heroes to the realm of arena combat in Japanese arcades.

You ever have one of those gaming wishes that you never think is going to come true? Like, wouldn't it be great if they'd make a Legend of Dragoon 2, or maybe a proper remake of Final Fantasy VII. These are things that would really make your day but, if you're being honest with yourself, you never really expect it to happen.

Well, that was me and the Dissidia series; fighting games that brought lots of RPG elements and characters from my favorite Final Fantasy games into a completely different genre. The previous entries in the series, Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy (Thanks for the way you name things, Square Enix!) were only released for the PSP, pushing Sony's first handheld console to the limit.

The basic gist of the series is that the gods of order and chaos are locked in a constant struggle for power and, in order to aid in their fight, they must call upon heroes from other worlds to duke it out in a mystical realm. That's where the Final Fantasy characters come in. A main hero and a main villain from most of the numbered games is available as a playable characters, along with a few surprises, too. Players get to dash around large maps, beating the stuffing out of each other utilizing a clever fighting system that still manages to play similar to a standard fighter. In FF fashion, you can still fly around the world, grind on pillars of light and run along just about any surface.

Previous Dissidia games are actually rather huge, with loads of modes, collectibles, gear and more to plow through while tackling a huge (though not super interesting) story.

In short, it's a rad series and I still play Duodecim to this day. Just last month I tweeted about wanting a new game in the series, and it turns out this was a case of “ask and you shall receive,” as Squre Enix has finally revealed Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcades in Japan.

The game looks great running on its new engine and the characters show off all of the same moves I remember well from the PSP versions. You'll notice lots of fan favorites running through the short introductory video, including the Warrior of Light, Cloud and Terra. The vertical elements and beams of light appear to be missing in this map, but that could either be a design choice for the level or a new direction for the game. Honestly, I'd be a bit bummed if it's the latter, but I'll take whatever I can get at this point.

This news comes to us from Crunchyroll, who first posted the trailer following Square Enix's presentation at the Japan Amusement Expo. Square Enix had promised something Final Fantasy related leading up to the show and, for the first time in a long time, the developer/publisher didn't let everyone down with a lackluster announcement.

Of course, this is just an arcade game right now, and it's only slated for Japan at some unknown time in the future. But who's to say what might happen in the future, right?