Is there any series in the history of video games more poorly named than Final Fantasy? There are about a dozen of these “Final” Fantasies, another dozen spinoffs, and about a dozen iterations of each game itself. Take Final Fantasy III, for instance. The game game out in 1990 and, today, you can pick up the enhanced version of the roleplaying classic for your Android devices through Google Play.

Based on the Nintendo DS version of the game released back in 2006, Final Fantasy III sees players to take control of four orphans who have been granted power by the crystal of light. They're given a mission to go out and restore order to the world, thus resulting in an epic RPG adventure seeing players travel through multiple kingdoms, dive into dungeons and kill countless monsters along the way.

The game was noted for its class-swap system, which allowed players to change job types at any time. This was also the first appearance of the summon system, which allows for giant monsters to be called upon to fight on the side of the heroes.

This Droid version of Final Fantasy III has received all the requisite graphical/mechanical upgrades you'd expect of a remade classic and can be purchased from Google play for $15.99.

If you're looking for an RPG romp on the go, you might want to give this one a try. That's a pretty great price for a well-polished, well loved game that should provide you with dozens of hours of gameplay.

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