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Cloud Imperium Games Corporation has released a new update video showcasing the progress the team is making on the ship designs. The latest tidbit of media focuses on the miscellaneous Freelancer ship model and a brief look at the ship in sketch form and then a look at the ship in its completed 3D format. It's some spiffy stuff.

Dual Shockers caught wind of the new video which isn't too long, but should provide just enough sweetness for fans of RSI's upcoming space simulator. Check it out below.

Star Citizen racked up more than $6.2 million in crowd-funding, making it one of the largest crowd-funded projects out there and a sure-sign that with the right promotion, backing and concept, the game community is willing to put their money where their forum rants are and support the projects that matter most to game culture and the advancement of creative game design.

Star Citizen is still early on in development, but with videos like this surfacing, it gives a good sign of hope that the team will be able to meet the November, 2014 release date. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.