Whether you’re all about getting festive over trick-or-treating or you just go around stealing candy from kids in your “free candy” van, one thing is undeniably certain: Steam has some awesome games for sale right now for Halloween, and here’s a few you’ll definitely want to pick up.

You only have until November 1st to make the most out of the deals going on right now over at Valve’s digital distribution service, but that’s still plenty of time to grab a few noteworthy games you may not have thought to purchase before (either because you’re a cheap dastard like myself or you have extremely high buying standards). The games below are a great way to embrace some scares throughout the holidays for a very low price.

Amnesia : The Dark Descent

Frictional Games isn’t a household name for PC or console gamers. It’s okay, though, they’ve made instant cult classic titles that have secured them a position as a developer people will reference in conversations 15 years from now when talking about the hidden gems of the 2000s. The reason for this? Well, if Penumbra Overature wasn’t reason enough, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is.

Frictional took the horror survival genre and actually made it where gamers are desperately trying to survive horrors. While that alone doesn’t sound all that original, Amnesia throws players into a universe where physics-based puzzle solving and surviving go hand-in-hand with adventuring. It’s actually like playing in the movie where you’re constantly telling the oblivious lead character “Don’t go into the freaking basement!” Only this time you’re the one going into the basement.

You can pick up Amnesia right now for only $4.00. Definitely worth it.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

This is one of those games that everyone talks about as being a great game but you never heard of it because you were too busy playing Half-Life 2, Halo 2 and GTA: San Andreas. No one blames you, though, there were a lot of great games during that era that were overlooked due to too many good games being available and not enough time in the world to play them all. That’s not to mention that the previous generation was cut a little short with Microsoft’s pre-emptive launch of the Xbox 360. That doesn’t detract from the fact that Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is a well-rounded action-horror game that puts players in a very different kind of position of actually playing the vampire for once. Gamers are thrust into a dark seedy underworld of the undead, corrupt mortals and vicious monsters.

Gamers looking for something with a little more depth than all the other no-brainer shooters out there and less-than-horror themed action-survival games like Resident Evil 5, will definitely find a nice little gem in Troika’s unique RPG-FPS hybrid.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines can be purchased right now for only $5.00.

BioShock 1 or 2

This doesn’t count as two games but more-so as an either/or scenario. You don’t necessarily need to play one or the other to fully grasp what happens in the universe but both games seem to cater to niche audiences within the atmospheric-FPS sub-genre. The original BioShock is the better game in my opinion just because it offers up that “Uh oh, what’s going on?” vibe, which is unfortunately replaced with more action-oriented combat in the second game. I guess it boils down to your preference: do you prefer atmospheric horror or action-oriented horror? If you like the former you’ll be better off with the first game, but if you like the latter you’re better off with the second game.

One of the things that makes BioShock such a standout game and not just an FPS, is that it’s one of the most atmospheric titles ever made. The universe alone is strikingly unique and the art-deco meets a sort of 1940s gangster-era motif helps give the game a spin all its own.

You can pick up the original BioShock or BioShock 2 for only $4.99.

Dead Space 1 or 2

Now here’s a game series that really pushed the horror-survival genre in the right direction. This game was part of Electronic Art’s newfound initiative to not suck as a publisher and actually focus on new IPs that presented gamers with something different and well-made. Dead Space, Dante’s Inferno and Mirror’s Edge were all part of this “new initiative” by EA and they definitely weren’t bad attempts at doing something different in each of their respective genres.

Dead Space stands out, however, not just because it’s a sci-fi horror title, but because it actually feels like playing an experience where players are actually desperately trying to survive. Now I don’t scare easy (I do jump every once in a while at pop-out moments, but who doesn’t?) but the Dead Space games have some truly standout moments of fright as players are literally fighting to stay alive in some segments…and dying really does come easy in Dead Space titles. Maybe Capcom will learn a thing or two from EA for Resident Evil 6 when it comes to horror and survival.

You can pick up Dead Space for $6.80 or Dead Space 2 for $9.99.


I had a tough time figuring out if Gemini Rue or Limbo should make the list. Both indie titles are pretty good games within their respective genres and both feature some classic, nostalgia ridden gameplay with a dash of new-school flair (more-so with Limbo than Gemini Rue). Still, if you’re looking for a more Halloween themed game I think Limbo fits the bill a bit better and offers up a little bit of something think-worthy with its metaphysical journey into the world between life and death. The minimalist grey-scale color grading and physics-based platforming helped set Limbo apart from other side-scrollers, not to mention its unabashed approach to the subject matter of death, suicide and being trapped in limbo.

Both Gemini Rue and Limbo are available right now during the Steam Halloween sale. You can pick up Limbo for only $7.49.

If you need more information on any of the listed games, feel free to check them out over at Steam right now.

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