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A surprisingly well polished city building, strategy-based, role-playing adventure game has found its way to Steam's Greenlight. The name of the game is Folk Tale and it carries with it a rather whimsical art-style and somewhat deep gameplay mechanics.

It's a little bit like Sim Town meets Age of Empires and the art-style seems strikingly similar to the original Fable. Players will milk cows, smith weapons, battle goblins, keep the town happy and venture about to gather resources and battle evil. It's one of those rare games that hearkens back to the age where micromanagement was a game feature and not something bypassed in order to appeal to a casual audience.

Check out some of the gameplay in the walkthrough video below.

I like the look of the game, I'm also digging the laid back approach to city management. It's not like some games where you're struggling to keep up and everything seems to be dying around you (I'm looking at you Lords of the Realm).

Combined with the visually engaging art-style and mixed-genre premise, I'm thinking this could just easily appeal to the Heroes of Might & Magic fans as it does the Civilization fanatics. You can learn more about Folk Tale or upvote the game by paying a visit to the Greenlight Page.

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