The big thing nowadays is for companies to expand beyond their typical marketing campaigns to reach new audiences by infiltrating out-of-the-norm domains, such as social networking and online gaming.

Ford and ad agency Rokkan -- put together in a nice cozy buddy-up situation thanks to Team Detroit -- happen to be those kind of companies not afraid to think outside the box and mix and match demographics with their new collaboration campaign called Escape Routes, which dabbles in casual gaming, reality TV and social networking.

It's an interesting initiative used for the promotion of Ford's new 2013 Escape SUV, and gamers will play in real-time alongside six reality TV teams who are all trying to win the grand prize of $100,000 and a brand new Ford 2013 Escape. It's a little like mixing a Zynga game with The Amazing Race.

Gamers can help the teams out by picking one of the six teams to join and completing challenges, puzzles and quizzes online via the Escape Routes web portal, where socially savvy networkers can earn points and climb their way up the leaderboard charts.

Participants will have to keep track of their team's progress and can check in on their team using live streams. Additional prizes can be won by tuning in and watching the Escape Routes TV show on March 31st at 8/7c on NBC. The show will run up until May 5th, so it's best to start early and plan out your escape route.

You can check out the entire campaign Ford has running involving the Escape by paying a visit to the Official Escape Routes Website.

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