A new trailer for the upcoming indie title for mobile devices called Forma.8 has been released. Mixed Bag's teaser for the upcoming, exploration, puzzle-adventure title is very interesting because it showcases a very unique kind of game that relies on a lot of timing and atmospheric platforming, which is kind of neat.

Most mobile titles don't receive a lot of press unless they're real games and thankfully it looks like Forma.8 is a real game. It reminds me a lot of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet from Shadow Game Productions. You can check out the new trailer courtesy of Indie Game Magazine.

I'm not entirely fond of iOS titles for the simple reason that most of them aren't real games, but usually cash-in, cash-grabs using Zynga-style payment methods. I believe Tim Schafer aptly called them “click bait” titles. However, I really like the style of the game and the ambient synth. It really works for the game.

Forma.8 is scheduled to launch on iOS devices in early 2013. The team has plans to port the game to other devices, and it probably wouldn't be a bad idea for them to put it on PC...I can imagine it might not do too bad on Steam.

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