In an industry that is more about the bottom line than it is creativity and innovation, it’s slightly refreshing to hear that former Cryptic Studios developers have formed a new team with comic artist Austin McKinley, and they want us gamers to help with their next project.

The name of the new group is called Mob Rules, made up of former Cryptic co-founder Rick Dakan, former Cryptic and Google programmer, Jonathan Wills, and of course the aforementioned Austin McKinley.

Mob Rules wants to be a transparent indie company that caters projects to the gamers. Their first project is being initiated by the KickStarter program, which is a fundraising drive for indie studios to help get prototypes and games off the ground. Mob Rules wants gamers to choose which of the three prototypes they focus on first, which will eventually become a full-fledged multiplatform game for PC, Mac, Linux and iOS.

Dakan, co-founder and designer at Mob Rules stated that…
“Our company values are rooted in transparency, what we describe as being open, honest, inventive and fun,” ... “That’s the inspiration behind launching by instantly building our community and giving them a voice.”

Basically, every dollar a gamer donates opens up 10 votes for the following games. This means that the more you pledge the more say-so you get in voting which game comes alive first. It’s a pretty neat concept as opposed to the team undertaking the task of creating a generic FPS and force-feeding it to the public.

McKinley, co-founder and artist at Mob Rules chimed in with the following response…
“Generous support from the Open Game Labs got us started,” ... “We believe that since the players are ultimately the ones who determine a game company’s fate, we should work with them as closely as possible while still retaining our vision for cool, fun and affordable games.”

Yes, thank you. That makes perfect sense. The current corporate authoritarian approach bigger publishers are using to dictate and control the sway of the market has turned gaming into a farce. Real gamers have to search high and low for anything that isn’t “Generic Shooter No. 728” starring “Generic Shooter Soldier 645”.

You can check out a list of the games you can vote for below, complete with descriptions. If any of the titles seem like they’re worth your cash, you can begin donating now to cast your vote. To learn more about the Kickstart program and Mob Rules, feel free to visit the Official Website.

Guerrilla Gorilla: A turn-based strategy game about ape revolutionaries fighting The Man. You must plan carefully and use ambush and tricky maneuvers to overcome The Man’s enthralled legions with your small but zealous band of simian guerrillas.

Haunts: A head to head haunted house game, where one side plays the brave explorers and the other side plays the supernatural entities that want them gone. Light and shadow, bravery and brains all come into play in this deadly game of hide and seek.

The Last Second: You play Zeta Cervantez, a pulp-era super-scientist whose latest invention can freeze time. In a city beset by criminal mad men, she must use her few stolen seconds to alter the scene of the crime that’s about to happen, turning the bad guys against themselves and pulling the innocents out of harm’s way.

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