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Running on the free Unreal Development Kit provided by Epic Games, Dungeon Defense is a tower-defense RPG by Trendy Entertainment. The company sent out word that a free demo of the game is currently available, even though the project itself has only been in development for four weeks.

According to the press release…
“Dungeon Defense” demonstrates the ability to rapidly design full-featured content with the suite of UDK tools. The game's development process has been detailed step-by-step in a series of developer blogs, and the full source code is available for anyone to use for UDK projects.

The Unreal Development Kit is a milestone development block from Epic Games that allows for up-and-coming developers to freely expand their knowledge and design tool cache for projects and games. You can think of it as Epic’s alternative to Microsoft’s XNA Suite. The developers of Dungeon Defense will be on 1up’s Oddcast at 2:00pm PST (or 5:00pm EST).

Gamers interested in the demo for Dungeon Defense can check it out by dropping by the Official Website. For more information on the UDK, be sure to drop by the main Unreal Development Kit Site.

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