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Gamers who enjoy a little free-running and parkour probably also enjoy dodging bile-spewing zombies and apocalyptic scenarios where city structures seizure and vomit bricks, concrete and steel down around your ears. Well, GamerKraft at least thinks that fans of parkour like that sort of stuff, which is why they added Hell Mode, an apocalyptic zombie scenario to FreeJack.

The free-to-play, multiplayer racing title is an interesting take on the F2P genre because it infuses a lot of the style and visual aesthetics from Sega's Jet Set Radio, while enabling gamers to perform all sorts of fancy free-running antics found in games like Mirror's Edge or Assassin's Creed. It's a neat little game for gamers who want to test their virtual parkour skills against other gamers in a competitive environment.

The Hell Mode for FreeJack tosses in zombies, falling buildings and ruined race tracks to really challenge players both in terms of reaction timing and twitch skills. You can check out the new Hell Mode in action thanks to the newly released trailer below.

I played this game a while back and it was pretty fun. Customization was a little on the flimsy side, at the time, and the racing was tight. I imagine the developers have had time to iron out a lot more gameplay modes, customization options and maps since I last played this game a few years ago, so it might be worth checking out if you have time to spare, a need for speed, and enjoy exercising mad parkour skills against online opponents.

You can learn more about FreeJack or download the free client by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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