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It’s the holiday shopping season and pretty much everyone who can sell games is doing so at a discount for the next several weeks. This includes GOG, who have announced the kickoff of a 48-hour Frost Flash Frenzy, offering up 30 deals per hour, daily bundles, huge discounts of up to 90 percent off and a free copy of Age of Wonders, just to get you rolling.

That’s right, GOG is giving away Age of Wonders just because, meaning everyone with an account can download the turn-based strategy game for zero dollars and consider it an early Christmas present.

Whether or not you wish to indulge in gratis games, however, GOG is also hosting a weekend sale celebration that only lasts 48 hours, but is offering up a continuous chain of new promotions and ridiculously low prices for loads of DRM-free games. And we all know how much gamers tend to love DRM-free games, right? There have been plenty of instances where any mention of DRM usually gets people riled up, except in the case of GOG... since they don't support DRM-gaming. And that’s actually just the tip of the iceberg. The flash sale may only last for the next couple of days but the announcement over on the GOG blog states that discounts and sales will continue for 11 days total. So even if you don’t find something that catches your fancy during the flash sale, you’re still left with over a week of daily deals to look forward to.

According to the announcement, there will be 30 flash deals available per hour for these first couple of days, which—if you’re anything like me—could add up to a pretty massive backlog. I always say “I’m not going to buy any more games until I hack away at some of the ones I already have sitting around,” and then I buy another half-dozen titles during sales like this. Why? Because who is going to turn down the Rayman series (all three original games) for $9.46?

Speaking of which, that’s one of the daily deals going on right now. You can also grab a pack of eight Leisure Suit Larry games for just $4.37 and a Sid Meier’s Pack, containing Alpha Centauri, Colonization, Covert Action, Pirates and Silent Service for $5.95 today only.

And not all sales are on old, or even currently released games, either. You can pre-order The Witcher III: Wild Hunt for $53.99 (discounted 10 percent), for instance, or grab Divinity: Original Sin for just $31.99 at 20 percent off.

The Winter Sale promises more than 750 games being discounted in total, and it runs through Dec. 15, so be sure to check back on the regular. And those free copies of Age of Wonders are actually limited, so you might want to get moving on that one. Don’t panic, though, because there are 37,010 copies still available as of this writing. Just saying you might want to pull the trigger soon, it its piqued your interest.
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