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Valve founder Gabe Newell is the star of a new PC action game called Gabe Newell Simulator. The game is said to let players choose whether or not to release Half-Life 3.

Here's the creator's introduction to GNS on its Steam Early Access page:
Gabe Newell Simulator is a game for those who have always dreamed of being the glorious PC Master Race Gabe Newell! You can impersonate Gaben and help him in his fight against other companies and make the decision to release Half Life 3 or not, and this will have drastic consequences in the whole universe! Explore the different rooms and corridors of Valve Corporation (many inspired by real ones), the secret lab and... their space station!

The first gameplay footage shows Newell shooting up aliens with an assault rifle. Naturally, he's wearing a Half-Life-style environmental suit while he does it. As he fights through these alien-filled facilities, Newell can apparently find a range of Easter eggs.

Gabe Newell Simulator will officially be playable through Steam Early Access today, with a full launch expected in late December. The Early Access version is said to be about 65-70% done, with new nine levels to complete. The full game will have more levels, characters and Easter Eggs. The creator also teases a multiplayer mode.

I'd be lying if I said the game looked good. The really entertaining part is the choice of protagonist. I'm amused at the lengths creator Exinot is going to pay tribute to Valve's founder. It's the latest in a long line of games that use their ridiculous premise as the main selling point. Other examples include Goat Simulator, Shower With Your Dad Simulator and Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Apparently Newell doesn't have a problem with the game using his likeness. GNS's creator claimed on Steam's forums that he has permission from the man himself:
Don't worry, I have the written permission of Gabe Newell, otherwise I would not have even been able to publish

Someone probably thinks this is all an elaborate way for Valve to announce Half-Life 3. If you're one of those people, I look forward to your not-so-convincing argument.

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