If you’ve read anything about this game, you would know that it’s sort of a low-ball, small-scale version of the incomparable EVE Online. Well, now, for the first time there are new screenshots solely dedicated to the battle and action sequences in Galaxy Online. Brace yourself.

IGG’s diplomatic, space-MMO, Galaxy Online, thrusts players into a do-anything-you-want-in-space kind of scenario that sort of resembles the variety and diversified gameplay of Funcom’s Anarchy. Picking a specific class and venturing about completing quests, acquiring resources and bartering goods is just part of a larger agenda present in Galaxy Online. Guilds can be formed and planets can be controlled. It’s a rather massive game.

While all the above sounds deep and immersive, sadly the battle sequences are anything but visually appealing. The new screenshots dictate a rather underwhelming scope for the battles in Galaxy Online, and if you don’t believe me you can check them out below.

For more information on Galaxy Online you can visit the Official Website. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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