GameStop is planning to open several new locations this fall in order to maximize their sales during the holiday season. These new stores, called GameStop Kids, will specialize in selling children's games.

Each location will carry a wide variety of family-friendly games. It will also have video game-themed toys. I'm picturing a massive pile of Angry Birds plush toys surrounding by a ring of DS games.

The first GameStop Kids opened up in Grapevine MIlls Mall in Texas. GameStop plans to release 80 locations across 28 states by November. You can find the full list of planned locations here.

These stores seem like a win-win situation. People needing holiday employment can get jobs and holiday shoppers can find gifts for the little ones easier. Furthermore, older gamers with black hearts are less likely to get stuck in line behind someone asking the GameStop rep if they sell any of "those new Wii game boxes."

If you're curious what products GameStop Kids will carry, check out the retailer's website.

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