Defy Media's GameTrailers has called it quits. The gaming website that offered reviews, previews and detailed looks at new, old and popular games alike has shut down after 13 years of operation. They sent out a Tweet to let their fans know that it was all coming to a close this year.

Shacknews is reporting on the news following a tweet that the official account sent out to its half a million followers, which reads as follows.

This came as somewhat of a surprise to a lot of gamers and even had many well known video game studios chiming in to offer their condolences, thanks and sadness over the matter. It really did come out of nowhere, but it hasn't been the most surprising thing if you've been keeping track of the advent of new wave media services such as and YouTube. Things also took a dive for the site following GameTrailers being acquired back in 2014 by Defy Media that saw the site hit with a lot of layoffs.

GameTrailers was best known for being one of the first video-oriented websites on the net that catered specifically to video games. They allowed gamers to see video and graphics comparisons for the first time matched up head-to-head between consoles and PC, as well as interact with their favorite gaming personalities in a completely different way, as they hosted unique programming such as Destructoid's “Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'?”, the Pach-Attack, and ScrewAttack's “Angry Video Game Nerd”.

GameTrailers was also known for hosting their Retrospectives on various games, giving gamers something interesting to chew on regarding some of their favorite properties. And despite their review scores constantly causing all sorts of fanboy debates from top to bottom, a lot of people did at least respect their opinions on a great many games. In fact, they just recently altered the score for Bloodborne to hit a 10 instead of the 8 that they originally gave it. It doesn't matter all that much anymore given that the site is closing down, but they did it anyway.

On the day that they announced their closure, they also posted up a series of final reviews for games that have recently come out or are about to come out, including reviews for Campo Santo's Firewatch, which just came out today for the PlayStation 4 and PC. They also posted a review for Unravel, the smaller-budget story-driven game from ColdWood Interactive and Electronic Arts, we also have up a review of the game as well that you can check out here. They rounded out the end of the weekend with an XCOM 2 review and one for 3D Realms and Interceptor Interactive's Bombshell. So they definitely decided to go out with a bang and not a whimper.

GameTrailers was definitely one of my favorite gaming websites, especially when it came to discovering new games that didn't receive traditional press releases or those titles whose trailers went unseen on their official websites. Heck, it was the first time I had learned of BattleSwarm: Field of Honor. It's a shame that GameTrailers is closing up shop, but services like YouTube and Twitch have stepped into the picture to eat up the market share of gamers seeking out video content. GameTrailers, nonetheless, will be missed.
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