NCsoft's newly announced MMO WildStar is playable at GamesCom this week. If you're not in attendance, you can still get a taste of the game by watching some footage from the demo.

WildStar takes place on a planet at the edge of known space. Players must explore this mysterious world and help settle and secure it. How do you bring civilization to such an unspoiled world? Simple - kill everything that growls at you!

The gameplay footage, like the demo, is split into three distinct acts. Maybe the most striking part of the video is the art style. WildStar has a very bright, almost cartoonish art style. Always nice to see a futuristic game that doesn't look like Blade Runner.

If you're not at GamesCom, you'll get another chance to try out the game. NCsoft will be bringing WildStar to PAX Prime in Seattle as well.

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