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[Update: All the keys have been given away]

Warner Bros. Entertainment has really been pushing hard to get their remake of Gauntlet up and out into the public sphere. The game has been moderately received by the community but “moderate” isn't really an aim for most publishers. They want it all or they want nothing... well, I'm sure they would probably also like a few million unit sales even if they don't reach Call of Duty status. Warner Bros., wants to remind gamers that Gauntlet is a game that exists and is available and they want people to check it out. So what better way to get people interested than to give away free copies?

Before getting to the free game stuff, there's the standard “Here's what the game is all about” routine to flesh this article out beyond being nothing more than a conduit for eager gamers to click in from a search engine looking for free games, and our Facebook page where the free codes will be handed out.

So basically, Gauntlet is a remake of the classic arcade title that also found itself making waves and building an audience on the 16-bit consoles back in the early 1990s. The series has continually been remade since then, with appearances on the N64, the Xbox and PlayStation 2, and finally appearing on Steam.

The new game brings today's generation of graphics technology to a new form of gameplay based around the classic arcade title. The game still relies heavily on four-players to keep the fun-factors high and still sports all the hidden traps, countless enemies to barrel through, and lots of runes and special items to acquire.

You can scope out the gameplay in a video below, giving you an idea about whether or not it's the sort of thing that will tickle your interest-bone. Check it out.

Now I have to be dead honest here: I have no idea if this game is good or not. I haven't played it. I haven't had time to play it. I haven't researched whether or not it's the sort of game that gamers have found themselves attached to, but a cursory glance through the Steam user reviews reveals “mostly positive” feedback. It's also worth noting that some gamers have 20 or more hours into the game and they they didn't like it, where-as others have anywhere between eight and 60 hours into the game and they do like it. The major criticisms is that the game overall felt very empty, but was quite fun to play with three other friends.

You can grab the game right now from the Steam store for about $19.99. For those of you who came for the free codes, you'll just have to follow these simple steps:
1.) Head to Gaming Blend's Facebook page.
2.) Keep an eye out for post about the codes going live.
3.) Grab a code when it's posted.
4.) Open the Steam click and click on “Activate a Product on Steam”
5.) Insert the code. Proceed to have fun.

If you're still a bit apprehensive about this game and don't want to dive in trying to grab a code or paying for it, that's fine and dandy. Feel free to exercise caution and learn more about the game by paying a kind visit to the official website. Alternatively, Let's Play videos might be a fine way to gauge whether or not a game is a good fit for your software library.

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