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While Blend Games is usually able to smell free games with bloodhound-like precision, this one slipped by us. As of last Monday, Midway has been offering their 2005 first-person shooter Area 51 for free. Completely free? Well, minus a small annoyance.

The game won't cost you anything to download but you will have to put up with advertisements when you start it up. The giveaway is sponsored by the US Air Force. No, they're not using the game to track you down, throw you in a burlap sack and mail you to Afghanny-stan - though I'm sure years of first-person shooters have given you great combat skills and exercise habits.

It's not an amazing game but it is pretty decent. Players control a special forces trooper (voiced by David Duchovny) who must lead a team into Area 51, the secret military base, and stop the spread of a deadly virus that turns humans into mutants. Marilyn Manson did some voicework for the game, too, which must've made the hearts of parent groups flutter. A violent first-person shooter with Marilyn Manson? The outraged press release practically types itself!

Anyway, yeah, it's decent and it's free. You've downloaded worse stuff.