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Blizzard has released a new video showcasing the upcoming characters, skins and mounts coming to Heroes Of The Storm. This video gives us a good look at the next two characters coming to the game.

Lt. Morales is based on the Medic from StarCraft 2. She's a heavily armored warrior who can heal companions or lob grenades at enemies. One of her ultimates lets her call in a dropship that can transport her and an ally across the map - great for a quick escape or an objective push.

Her Master skin makes her armor even bulkier. One of the color variants turning this suit red and yellow, making her look a lot like Samus from Metroid. I suspect that's going to be a popular choice among players.

The Apothecary skin for Lt. Morales gives her a more medieval appearance. Her backpack has spikes protruding from the top. The rest of her armor has a more ornate pattern with riveted metal along the edges.

The other new character on display here is Artanis, also from StarCraft 2. We don't know much about this character just yet. We've seen pictures of him with psionic blades protruding from his wrists, though, so we at least know he's a front line fighter.

Like pretty much every Protoss, Artanis looks awesome. He's clad in battle armor punctuated by crystals. There's also some kind of weird loop floating behind him - presumably to make him look even more futuristic. His Master skin makes the crystals, shoulder pads and wrist pads larger and sharper. The Purifier skin essentially turns Artanis into a big ol' robot.

Two existing characters will also be getting new skins, too. The Marshal skin for Raynor gives him a beard, cowboy hat and cape. Buccaneer Falstad is a pirate makeover for the dwarf assassin that also turns his griffin mount into a giant parrot.

A new Outrider mount matches the space cowboy look of Marshal Raynor. The other new mounts on the way include the Void Speeder (a sort of hoverboard), the Headless Horseman's Charger, and Vulture speederbike. Blizzard also included the Nexus Battle Beast Mount, a BlizzCon 2015 exclusive, in the video as well.

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