Kalypso Media announced today that they'll be co-publishing Global Ops: Commando Libya along with bitComposer Games. Commando Libya is a third-person, Unreal Engine 3 shooter in development for the PC.

The game's single-player campaign focuses on a nuclear weapon stolen from a B-52 crash site in 1968. In the present day, a Russian crime lord is attempting to sell the warhead to Libya. The players take on the role of special forces troops racing to recover the weapon before it can be used against the United States. The nine-mission single-player campaign will take players to North Africa, Greenland, and other locations around the globe.

Commando Libya also comes with multiplayer. Up to 10 players can battle it out online on six maps. No word on what kind of game modes to expect but in any case, you'll probably be shooting people.

Developer Spectral Games is preparing Commando for an early 2012 release.

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