So, what do you think hell would be like if Satan upchucked and left the party to go elsewhere? Who would take over? What would the nine circles be like? What would they become? All these theologically brain-teasing questions get answered while peppered with laughs in the upcoming point-and-click adventure game, Go To Hell Dave.

The title comes from a small indie group called Falchion Games, who are mostly located across the pond save for one poor chap who's trapped here Stateside. The team came together to work on the adventure title to bring a burning idea to life that simply would not have existed otherwise. Go To Hell Dave is that title and the small group of developers are nearing completion but they also need a little help getting there.

Now before we get to the crowd-funding bit (and it's not even quite crowd-funding yet), let's talk about the game first: Go To Hell Dave puts players in the role of a typical new-age guy who ends up dying after crashing his car with his girlfriend in the passenger seat. Dave dies and his girlfriend goes missing. Unfortunately for Dave, he ends up in hell.

What makes the game differ from other death-dealing games like Grim Fandango and Discworld is that when Dave ends up in hell he's not greeted by Satan and no one knows where the prince of darkness has gone. Instead, Dave is tasked with finding out how hell is holding up without an overlord and how the nine circles have drastically changed since Lucifer's departure.

This is a traditional point-and-click adventure title with side-scrolling, sprite-drawn set pieces and a comical vibe to the art style. Despite dealing with hell and death, the game isn't some adventure title of something like Todd McFarlane's Spawn – there are plenty of laughs to be had and lots of fun to experience as players try to figure out Dave's position and journey through the underworld.

There's definitely an AdultSwim vibe to the game and it looks like it aims to push some boundaries a lot like Pendulo Studios' Runaway series. However, you won't be playing this game just yet because the team still needs a bit of funding to make the game complete.

Now we've reached that part where we talk about the thing that no one wants to talk about: crowd-funding. Falchion Games will be heading to Kickstarter soon to garner enough funds to finish their dream game, and unlike some titles it won't have to be split into two parts in order to be complete.

For now, you can learn more about Go To Hell Dave by paying a visit to the official Steam Greenlight page where the team is looking to get their indie project approved to appear on the Steam Store.

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