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Namco Bandai and Project G.E. have recently released the new debut trailer for the upcoming PSP title, God Eater. This action-packed handheld title features some really awesome looking gameplay and it all gets shown off in the new video trailer.

Players will assume the role of an operative working for an agency aimed at protecting the world from monstrous beings bent on destroying stuff. I’m not sure why large bestial monsters have a tendency for destruction but apparently it’s something that runs in the genes of large creatures with four or more legs.

Anyway, the cool part about the game is the third-person action that revolves around using large, awesome looking futuristic weapons. Imagine if the swords that Cloud used from Final Fantasy were fused with the wrist-saw from Madworld and the plasma weapons from Halo. You might get an idea of what kind of weaponry that’s featured in the game. It all looks fairly fun, to say the least.

For now, the game is due out exclusively for the PSP this fall in Japan. A North American release date has not been set yet, but rest assured that we’ll definitely keep PSP gamers informed about this interesting looking action-title. You can check out the debut trailer below and remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news, info and updates regarding all things gaming.

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