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Heatwave Interactive has announced that their online massive multiplayer RPG, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising will eventually go free-to-play. As of now the game's subscription fees have been dropped as the company works out their new F2P model.

According to the RPG Reporter, the Greek-based mythological MMO will not only have its subscription fees waved but the game's digital and retail distribution prices have undergone massive price cuts, making the game available for only $9.99/£7.99/€9.99.

Heatwave also understands that paying customers should not be neglected customers. They acknowledged that those who used to subscribe to the game will be well rewarded for their loyalty. Exactly what kind of rewards will be available or how said paying customers will be rewarded has yet to be unveiled. However, Heatwave definitely wants to avoid the controversial approach NCSoft and Atari took with Champions Online when it went free-to-play, dividing the community and treating F2P users almost as if they were pirating the game instead of playing the game for free.

Hopefully Heatwave works out the specifics real well and both former subscribers and new-comers will be able to enjoy the game after it's free-to-play remodeling. You can learn more about Gods & Heroes or pick up a digital copy from the Official Website.

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